Public Hearing on Quarry Expansion to Continue in January

Public hearing for the quarry expansion inland wetland application has been continued to January 15.

Submitted release:

On July 12th 2011 Galasso received Zone Change from the Planning and Zoning Commission for a 75 acre parcel south toward Hatchet Hill Rd.  Phase III of the Quarry Expansion south will be for approximately half of the approved quarry zone area and will include clearing of 22.9 acres and excavation of 17.6 acres.  For the last 2 years Galasso has been putting together their application to expand the Quarry. 

The public hearing for the Quarry Expansion inland wetland application opened on December 4th and has been continued to January 15th Inland Wetland Commission meeting at 7PM in the Town Hall Public Hearing Room.  Please take note of the change of venue from the Community Center to the Town Hall Public Hearing Room.

At this meeting residents will have a chance to speak and make public comment on the application.  Comments can be received by the commission either in person or in writing.  Residents interested in reviewing the application prior to the Inland Wetland Commission can stop by the Building Department to view the proposed application. 

At this point an application has not been submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission for the proposed Quarry Expansion, but it is anticipated that a finalized application will be received in approximately a month or two.  This would mean Planning and Zoning would most likely have their public hearing for the proposed Quarry Expansion in February or March. 

Residents should try to keep in mind that application to the Inland Wetland Commission will be centered around the proposed Quarry Expansion impact on the wetlands and any work being proposed with the upland review area (100ft to the wetlands).  This means comments should be limited to concerns of proposed activities may have on the adjacent wetlands and all other issues will be addressed when Galasso makes application for Special Exception to the Planning and Zoning Commission.  

Feel free to contact the Director of Community Development Gary Haynes at (860) 653-3444 or via email at garyh@egtownhall.com  with any questions you may have regarding the application or public hearing process.


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