Obama Yard Sign Stolen On Day Street In Granby

The first amendment rights of a Day Street resident in Granby were violated late last week when a political yard sign was stolen from the property.

Fewer than two days after it was put up, a Democratic yard sign on Day Street was stolen.

Tannia Hotchkiss isn’t a particularly demonstrative in a political sense, although she is knowledgeable about politics. Her sign supporting Democratic incumbent Barack Obama was the first she had placed in her yard since moving to Granby almost 12 years ago. But Hotchkiss was deeply troubled that her sign — a common sight in yards across Granby, East Granby, the state and the country during the election season — had been removed.

“[It was] just one of those little signs,” Hotchkiss said. “There are principles involved and that’s why I’m so angry.”

For Hotchkiss, the sign theft was deeply troubling because it violated one of the rights enumerated in the guiding document of the United States, the Constitution.

“These thefts and disregard for civility and the American political process are disgusting, to say nothing about illegal,” Hotchkiss said. “I know they’re in the landfill. I bet they’re not even recycled.”

Hotchkiss was quick to point out that she truly enjoys living in Granby, citing the sense of community and volunteerism as well as the rural character of the town. She said Granby has good people and a good community that is, in general, remarkably generous.

“That’s why this is so upsetting to me,” Hotchkiss said. Her response was not simply to stay quiet, but to let others know that she wasn’t willing to let her rights be stepped on by others.

“Today I'm making a large, homemade sign for the end of our driveway saying that we still support Obama and that thieves had stolen our political sign,” Hotchkiss told The Granbys Patch during the weekend. “It probably won't be quite so polite.” Hotchkiss now has two signs up in her yard, reading “Great Job Thieves For Romney” and “Mitts Off Obama Signs.”

The two options Hotchkiss has considered, that adults or children took the sign, are equally troubling to her. She was distraught that mature adults could possibly perform such a palpably unfair act and worried where children, if they were the ones who removed the sign, would learn such behavior. Either way, the possibility that local residents removed the sign was deeply troubling.

“That’s disgusting,” she said of the idea that neighbors could steal from neighbors.

Hotchkiss plans to demonstrate on the Granby town green on Saturday at 10 a.m. to raise awareness of the issue and bring together other residents who have experienced such a theft.

Have you had a political sign stolen or damaged, be it for a Democrat, Republican or independent candidate? Patch wants to hear your story. Write about it in the comments or send a message to perry.robbin@patch.com.

patricia smith October 20, 2012 at 10:42 AM
Bob, your comment so very well reinforces the power of lawn signs, something I tried to emphasize in both 2008 & 2010 when I contacted the leadership of the Democratic town committee requesting lawn signs and offering my highly visible location for display. Especially appropriate as two houses away, the lawn was littered with Republican signs. My offer was never taken up. So each year I have secured signs on my own, purchasing some and traveling to CT political headquarters to get them.
Henry Watson October 21, 2012 at 07:48 PM
My sign was stolen last night in Illinois and it is very saddening to think that someone that angry was on my property near my family that I work so hard to protect. It's anti American and anti Christian to behave this way neighbor against neighbor. We should celebrate free elections and show election spirit to our children by discussing issues and the signs add colorful vigor to the debate for them taking it out of the textbooks and into history. How would want to be so ignorant and risk tresspass reports and misdemeanor arrests which report negatively on our community and/or being harmed when a homeowner defends his property? Not Christian, not bright.
Craig Martin October 22, 2012 at 09:00 PM
I vote to ban Paul Bahre from this site! He is nothing more then a Internet bully! He harasses others and makes fun of people's opinions on this site! If Granby's residents and its board members are so dysfunctional and do everything so wrong the be a real man and show up at some town meetings and see what really goes on and what it takes to make our town operate properly! Real men don't hide behind a computer monitor! You need to respect others opinions and tone down your rude comments.......
Paul Bahre October 22, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Granby Resident, only the liberal voice has a right to be heard on this board according to you. You would love to squelch the voice of a conservative / libertarian. You talk of free speech but you wish to ban those who appose your opinions. You are typical of liberal Democrats. You have your right to your pinion, and as a veteran I guess I have even served to defend it. I'm no bully just a person with an opinion diametrically opposed to the one you hold.
Beth November 08, 2012 at 10:52 PM
The Republicans have been stealing Democratic signs in NH for years. This year driving through NH you'd have thought that the state was going to go overwhelmingly for Romney since there was nary an Obama sign to be seen. Well we know that's not what happened! I found this post through an online search after my Elizabeth Warren was stolen for the second time. I think it's the recycling guys and I'm calling in the morning. Bummer to be such a sore loser that you take the sign after your guy lost.


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