East Granby Finance Board Sends Capital Requests to Town Meeting

Included in the items passed by the board are new computers for the school system, multiple renovations to East Granby High School's science labs and roadwork.

The East Granby Board of Finance approved sending capital requests from the boards of selectmen and education totaling more than $275,000 to a town meeting at its meeting Tuesday night.

The board of selectmen requested funds for road improvements including paving and, if necessary, curb work. The board of education asked to fund seven items, including new laptops and classroom smart boards, curtain replacement in the East Granby High School auditorium and much-needed renovations and additions to the high school science labs.

The $158,649 requested by the selectmen, who were represented at the meeting by First Selectman Jim Hayden, will help pay for work on roads including the area of Horseshoe Drive. The town plans to reduce the cost of paving and repairs by having town employees perform as much of the work as possible before outside contractors are brought in.

“This falls into the category of making a good impression on people and businesses we want to bring into town,” said board of finance member Norman Housmann.

The board of education, represented at the meeting by Superintendent Christine Mahoney, will add 28 laptops, nine desktop computers and three smart boards. The high school auditorium will also get a new curtain and associated mechanical components. Multiple updates to the high school’s downstairs science labs, including chemical storage units, ethernet connections, chemical-resistant tables and stools and repair to the heating and air conditioning systems, are in the works.

Other items approved to go to town meeting are purchases of new band equipment, replacement of school furniture and doors and the acquisition of an industrial carpet cleaner.

Look for an update with more details from the East Granby Board of Finance meeting Wednesday on The Granbys Patch.


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