Two Granby Businesses Cited for Underage Tobacco Sales

Granby police officers conducted an inspection on Dec. 28.

The Granby Police Department performed an unannounced inspection on Dec. 28 of the 10 places in town licensed to sell tobacco products.

Under state law, stores are not allowed to sell tobacco products to anyone under 18.

Granby police supervised as a 16-year-old male attempted to buy tobacco products at each of the 10 establishments. Granby police said the 16-year-old didn't lie about his age and presented his DMV operator's license if asked for ID.

Police said two clerks were cited for infractions for selling tobacco to a minor. One worked at Cumberland Farms at 19 Hartford Ave., and one worked at Smoker's Discount World at 518 Salmon Brook.

Paul Bahre December 31, 2012 at 02:26 PM
So what happens now? Do they loose their tobacco license? I used to smoke when I was 10. I quit in Jr. High and dipped snuff. Started to smoke in the Air Force again because dipping snuff is really disgusting and not really socially acceptable. I finally quit a few years ago so I would have enough money for a new Harley. No more nicotine in my life what so ever. Looking back I see zero benefits to smoking tobacco. If you sell smoke then you should know the law and send the 16 year old packing with his / her tail tucked between their legs. This is not the late 60's / 70's when they they had cigarette machines on every corner and the smoking age was 16. Good to see the GPD doing something useful besides rousting drunks.
Susan Accetura January 03, 2013 at 02:36 AM
And now for the good news....Kudos to the other 8 businesses who DIDN'T sell to the minor. :)


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