Rottweiler Captured in Granby Later Euthanized

Officials have confirmed that a loose Rottweiler captured in Granby Thursday was later euthanized after it was returned to custody of Hartford animal control officials. 

After its capture, Simsbury animal control officer Mark Rudewicz transported the dog to the custody of Hartford officials. He doesn't know the particulars of the city's experience with the dog but said as a former Hartford officer he knows the people involved and is confident they would not have made the decision lightly. 

Rudewicz added that he does know the dog, before it was in Hartford's custody, spent its life tethered in a small area with little to no human socialization. 

"It was a sad beginning for that dog, a sad life and unfortunately a sad ending," he said. 

The dog was in the custody of Hartford police when it escaped from a Bloomfield kennel on Dec. 2, Rudewicz said. That day Simsbury police issued reports and a press release of the escaped, reportedly aggressive dog.  

Before it was captured 10 days later, Rudewicz put out humane traps, worked with local residents, many of whom put out food for the animal and provided updates, and used various other techniques in an effort to capture the animal. 

Simsbury police issued updates and due to reports of aggressive behavior, Rudewicz said safety was a top priority. He added that while the dog's behavior was mostly skittish when spotted in town some animals show their aggression when approached or confined. 

Officials and residents in Granby also did much to try and capture the animal safely. 

Granby residents also saw the dog and one homeowner was able to get it a little more comfortable by placing blankets and electric heaters on her porch, Rudewicz said. On Thursday, Granby officials were able to add a sedative to the food placed out by the homeowner. 

When officials, including Rudewicz, approached the dog with snare poles, it was still lunging heavily despite its sedated state, he said. 

The dog was then turned over to Hartford officials. Patch is attempting to get ahold of a city animal control officer involved but has not yet heard back. 


Paul Bahre December 14, 2013 at 09:14 AM
The dog had a short but good run there for a while. Looks like he just wanted to live free. Oh well. It's sad to see people treat their animals this was. Get a dog, never socialize him and keep him in a confined space. Very sad...
Jerry December 16, 2013 at 08:12 AM
Find the owner and give them the same.
Michele December 21, 2013 at 10:30 AM
I am not understanding why this dog was euthanized. Dogs sometimes will act aggressive when scared. This dog had a lot of reason to be afraid of humans but that doesn't mean it would have always been afraid. Very very sad that this happened.


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