Watch your back!!! Zoning

I watched the online p&z meeting regarding zone change for the Griffin land. I live directly across the street from Dollar Tree. We heard all that before. Drive by take a look. Funny to hear Lescaleet is working with Dollar Tree and Windsor for the problems. Bull!  Landolina represented them to shove this end. Seems to be a conflict to mee. Beware
Catherine & Dennis June 18, 2014 at 10:03 PM
Sorry for typos. Meant to say "shove this in" and 'conflict to me'
Catherine & Dennis June 18, 2014 at 10:29 PM
Berms-not true headlights shine onto my property. I cannot keep my windows open for fresh air due to diesel and noise and they can see into my house. I was forced to put in evergreen trees at great expense to attempt to get some privacy. No more sunsets lights trespass onto my property apparently they do not understand ambient light-perpetual daylight. Trailers being banged and dropped all night-heard with windows closed Yelling back and forth by employees because the break area is right in front of my house not back side of their building. Lawn mowing waking us up on weekends early. Alarms going off for over an hour. The management that will swear to be good neighbors (Steve White) will swear to this during hearings will not respond once the agreement is signed. Driveway and expensive trees flooded by issue on the property though allegedly a 100year flood plan/engineering. Town does nothing, the ex-property owner has no say yet claims to be working with Town to address problems. They will absolutely tell you anything right there on film but it means nothing. Your property value will plummet. Your quality of life will plummet. But they will tell you it is best for you. Continue to push for single family homes and have the builder put in evergreen buffer 10 deep for a decent screening. Don't back down, don't blink. All you have to do is drive down Stone Rd in Windsor to see your future
Albert Williams June 19, 2014 at 03:57 PM
Better believe it, they'll try and say anything to get a warehouse in their books. All Winterwood/Stone folks heard was "where were you when that land was being rezoned"? Well East Granby this is your chance to try and hold your ground, their next shot will be a bigger fight. They won't put housing in there...who would buy next to a bunch of warehouses?


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