Tip of the Week: Wheat wheat wheat

Are you someone who looks at the ingredient list on everything they purchase or are considering purchasing?  Well then, I am sure you have come across the many confusing terms of 'enriched wheat flour', 'unbleached wheat', 'bleached and enriched wheat flour', and many others.  But what do those terms really mean?  Are you actually getting the nutritional wheat flour that comes highly recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals?  The short answer is a resounding no.  Rather than discuss the negatives about what manufacturers are displaying as deceitful healthful foods, let's look into what we need to know about being healthy!

1. you want to consume foods with the bran, germ, and endosperm still intact
2. such foods include those that say "(100%) whole grain" or "whole wheat"
3. when you consume the wheat or grain in 'whole', you are consuming everything healthy that naturally comes with it: dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium, betaine (which lowers chronic inflammation), lignans (which protects you against heart disease and hormone-dependent cancers), and much more.  
4. WARNING: if you see unbleached, enriched, unenriched, or bleached .... stay away.  Regardless of if it says such term followed by "wheat", it is not in it's naturally occurring, healthful state.

We highly recommend that you become conscientious about what you and your loved ones eat, if you aren't already.  You owe it to yourself to explore this matter more.  Be no longer deceived, and get on the track to a healthy, happy body!


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