Granby Residents!  Don't forget to vote YES for the budget this Monday at the  Town Hall 12-8pm.  We can't afford a repeat of last year when voter turnout was almost non existent (for lots of reasons)! Please find the time to get out to vote. If this budget doesn't pass, coupled with last year's budget slashing, this will be taking our school system in the wrong direction. One of the reasons that Granby is so special is because we have a GREAT school system. Let's keep it that way. There is nothing frivolous in this budget - it is very thin. Almost all the increase is contractual obligations. Any further cuts will be very painful! Vote Yes!
Happy Percy April 27, 2014 at 04:59 PM
Will, that's not all, why do Town workers get Full benefits when working only 37.5 hours. Get rid of some of these positions and make everyone work at least 40. That will lower some of the cost. How much does the Board of Education pay Pierce to house the vehicles there? What has been the increase per sq. ft, and why doesn't the Town 20 years ago build their own facility, would have been a lot cheaper. We can go on and on, the worthless Community Gym at the High School? Why? Because the Town of Granby wouldn't listen to the Teachers that sat on that Board because the decisions were already made. I know several that I talked to over the past 5 years! That's why its worthless to sit on a Granby Board. Remember the next elections to start getting New Blood on the Board of Finance and get rid of the DEADWOOD! Put some Independents in POWER, it will be just a start to try to turn things around! School enrollment is dropping off dramatically and the Board of Ed wants more money??
Happy Percy April 27, 2014 at 05:00 PM
And by the way, hang out at the "Y" during the Day and I'm sure you will see at least one Town Employee there, FA, getting paid to workout!!
Ron April 27, 2014 at 09:54 PM
these town leaders are like a coke addict, they always want more and have no idea how to say no. vote NO baby!
ConcernedCitizen April 28, 2014 at 06:47 AM
I am voting YES for this budget. We moved to Granby for the school system. After years of o-1% budgets due to the economy the school system can only take so much and will stagnate. Most of this budget is just covering contractual obligations - and you can't blame the unions - they too have made their saxrifce for this town the last several years. While this budget may not be perfect and is still very thin (too thin in my opinion) there is a little something in there for everyone....gifted and talented, world language, HS guidance counselor, athletics, all done through teacher and class offerings reduction. I think they took a reasonable approach with developing this budget - still very respectful that the economy has not recovered. Vote YES!
Ron April 28, 2014 at 10:09 AM
so the move to spend millions on a farm that was worth no more than the 750,000 offered by a builder falls under a contractual obligation. No there have been stupid and irresponsible moves made. they bundled the farm with a bridge repair to get it through, they have to own up to that and that is another amongst many already listed why I and many more are voting no. That includes common core wasted money. I have kids in school as we speak too. I just don't allow the clowns that call themselves our town leaders to scare me as they attempt to do. Also my wife is a school teacher and she sees the waste day in and day out and it starts at the top and works it way right down. It is sad, this is all about money and that is the sad part. Get the dollars for another project, another position, get ours because that is how it works, expand and get another due paid to send out political support to get dollar support and the vicious circle goes. If Granby is so great why no award by US News & World Report. No where to be found, Canton was though, so money is not the answer I guess.


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