Hunt Glen Home Sells for $372,000

Recent Granby real estate conveyances include 58 West Granby Road, 76 Hunt Glen Drive, 1 Silverbrook Lane, and 10 Buttles Road.

The following real estate conveyances were recorded at Granby town hall:

$158,000, 58 West Granby Road. Estate of William F. Brockhaus to Stanley R. Waczewski. Recorded on Nov. 29.

$372,000, 76 Hunt Glen Drive. Stanley R. Walczewski to Gordon B. and Nancy B. Crouch. Recorded on Nov. 29.

$335,500, 1 Silverbrook Lane. Dennis E. Leveille to Darren W. Woodman. Recorded on Nov. 29.

$138,191, 10 Buttles Road. Estate of Amelia W. Fuchs to CT Property Group, LLC. Recorded on Nov. 29.

$180,000, 10 West Granby Road. Amy H. Porcelli to Nathan S. Cadenhead. Recorded on Nov. 29.

$125,000, 24 Rushford Meade. TN Realty Investments, LLC to James W. and Robin K. Gronbeck. Recorded on Dec. 3.

$319,900, 2 Acorn Drive. Roger P. Lewis to Christopher M. and Melissa K. Evans. Recorded on Dec. 3.

$100,000, 64 Cooley Road. Virginia S. Mikalonis to Saga Investments, LLC. Recorded on Dec. 4.

$230,000, 24 Maple Hill Drive. John A. DiRusso, Trustee to David M. and Janette P. Wibirt. Recorded on Dec. 7.

$362,000, 10 Hungary Road. Judith G. Martindale, Trustee to Kurt M. and Jennifer E. Graver. Recorded on Dec. 10.

$500,000, 40 Day St. and 204 W. Granby Road. Michael B. Guarco to Harold L. Pierce. Recorded on Dec. 12.

$115,900, 7 Old Simsbury Road. Estate of Andrew J. Gleason to And Management, LLC. Recorded on Dec. 12.


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