Bald Killingworth Man Is First To Be Given Full Head of Hair

Kyle Rhodes says there are many wacky hairstyles he now wants to try out.

Yale School of Medicine Facebook page
Yale School of Medicine Facebook page

Kyle Rhodes from Killingworth started losing his hair at just 2 years old due to severe alopecia areata. Patches then grew back in high school - before falling out again. He didn’t have eyebrows or eyelashes. Now, Rhodes has a head of thick blond hair, beard growth and “hair wherever it ought to be,” The Hartford Courant reports.

This is all thanks to Dr. Brett A. King at the Yale School of Medicine. Rhodes visited Dr. King almost a year ago and is the first patient to benefit from his experimental treatment of using arthritis medicine to encourage hair growth. King’s line of thinking went that he was trying to cure an autoimmune disease, so why not use drugs used to treat another autoimmune disease like arthritis, Fox 4fc reports.

"It feels great,” Rhodes said Monday, according to the Courant. Although, "I was pretty much content with not having any hair."

King believes this treatment could help the other 6.5 million American suffering from alopecia acreata, although the treatment is unlikely to help men losing their hair due to age.


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