Granby, East Granby Unemployment Rates Significantly Below State Average

The rate in Granby in December was the lowest all year, according to Connecticut Department of Labor numbers.

The state reported an unemployment rate of 7.8 percent for December, but the rates in both Granby and East Granby are significantly below that.

According to the latest figures released by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Granby's unemployment for December was 5.4 percent, the lowest the town saw in all of 2012. Unemployment peaked in Granby in September last year at 7 percent.

In East Granby, the unemployment rate was 5.8 percent in December, up just slightly from the 5.7 percent rate in November, but much lower than the peak of 6.8 percent in January 2012.

State, National Unemployment Rate

In Connecticut, the pool of jobless people last month dropped to 7.8 percent overall. Nationally, the unemployment rate is 7.6 percent.

A PDF of the state's December unemployment report for all towns and cities in Connecticut is attached to this article.


Harry Sawyer January 31, 2013 at 10:54 AM
What a pile of horse manure. These stats taken by those who work for the State.... Ask the people in town, they will tell you different... No money, no work, no future...
Paul Bahre January 31, 2013 at 02:06 PM
If you can't afford your house any more they just take it so you can wonder broke and lonely in a larger town or city and then your unemployed but is helping out their stats. The town needs a tax base more than life itself. An industrial park would be nice some insurance companies would be good. Why don't we just merge with Simsbury along with all the other former Simsbury towns and then we would have jobs and a tax base and taxes could be lowered by economies of scale, We would not need all the people we have running the town. Having all these small towns is really stupid. It was like that back in the day because people walked, yes walked most could not afford horses and you had to setup towns where people could not be further than a 4 hour walk. That allowed everyone to go to church and to the meeting house.


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