Artistic Sacrifice Tattoo Studio In East Granby Reopens With A MIssion

Owner Poch Best wants his revamped tattoo studio in the East Granby Center Shops to educate people about tattoos and other art forms as well as dispel tattoo stereotypes in a professional, welcoming environment.

East Granby’s Artistic Sacrifice tattoo studio, located in the East Granby Center Shops, is refurbished and reopened and owner Edward Best, whose professional name is Poch (pronounced “Pooch”), couldn’t be happier.

The artist and shop owner was excited to be back in business on Friday, which was the studio’s one-year anniversary. Best, along with best friend and contractor Jason Landheer, a Granby resident, conceptualized and created a new, distinctive look for the studio.

“[Landheer] makes sure everything I project in my head comes to life,” Best said. “It’s a perfect team. We’re best friends.”

Among his goals at the East Granby studio, Best has prioritized changing people's impressions of tattoos and tattoo studios. He said two of his goals are dispelling stereotypes about tattoos as an art form and to "educate people on art, period."

Clients at Artistic Sacrifice won’t simply pick a design off a wall display and have it applied. Best does extensive sketching and pre-tattooing work with his clients to ensure a product that both parties are proud of.

“I’m trying to bring some class to tattooing,” Best said. “All my tattoos are thought through. I know that everything that walks out the door is at 110 percent.”

Best has 15 years of tattooing experience and has traveled across the country and the world to hone his craft. He’s worked in Canada, Germany and Australia, as well as closer to home in locations including East Windsor.

From judges and lawyers to skateboarders, Best wants to meet new people and educate outsiders about tattoos and other forms of art. The shop itself is welcoming and inviting, with Landheer also expressing his happiness about the studio’s new look.

“It’s a place I don’t mind bringing my kids,” Landheer said.

Best was excited about expanding his studio’s operations, with plans to offer his self-designed clothing line, stickers and skateboarding equipment along with jewelry, paintings and other fine art at Artistic Sacrifice.

“My shop is going to be full of everything,” Best said.

The studio owner said the East Granby community has been very supportive and welcoming, and he’s happy to be in a quiet, laid back community where his art is appreciated.

“The town is wicked cool,” Best said. “[East Granby] is very accepting.”

Artistic Sacrifice is located in the East Granby Center Shops (3 Turkey Hills Road, at the corner of Route 20 and Route 187), you can reach the studio at 860-653-8014. To see some of Best's work, visit his website.


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