Of the 100 Biggest Trees in Connecticut, Three Are in Granby and East Granby

A Black Oak in East Granby is a national champion.

Everyone's familiar with the Dewey-Granby Oak, symbol of the town, but did you know that the largest-trunked tree in the state is located in East Granby?

The website Connecticut's Notable Trees is packed with information about the state's special trees.

Here's what we learned about the ones in Granby and East Granby:

A Black Oak in East Granby has the largest trunk of any tree measured in the state at 347 inches. It's also the third-biggest tree in the state with a height of 78 feet and an average spread of 89 feet. It's a Connecticut and a national champion.

A Sycamore in Granby is also among the state's top 100 biggest trees. That tree has a circumference of 234 inches and stands 112 feet tall.

Also on the list is the famed Dewey-Granby Oak on Day Street, which is 238 inches in circumference and 78 feet tall with an average spread of 129 feet. It's a White Oak that is also the symbol of Granby.

The 400-year-old tree has had a rough few years with weather and motor vehicles mishaps — a large limb was removed in 2011 — but the tree is still healthy.

According to the Connecticut Notable Trees website, "the Notable Trees Project collects and distributes information about Connecticut's largest and most historic trees, both native and introduced. By educating our fellow citizens about the importance of our state's natural heritage we work to preserve it. It is a volunteer enterprise sponsored by the Connecticut Botanical Society, The Connecticut College Arboretum, and the Connecticut Urban Forest Council."

Note: Locations on the Connecticut Notable Trees website are not given without permission from owners of trees on private property.





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