Under the Big Top at The Cobb School is Simsbury

Troy Wunderle of Circus Smirkus returned to The Cobb School this month for another fun-filled week of juggling, balancing, tumbling, and, of course, lots of laughing.  A one-man show, Wunderle takes to the road as ringmaster, roustabout, and class A clown, entertaining while teaching the ins and outs of cooperation and community-building.

For more than a decade, Wunderle has visited The Cobb School, and every year he is greeted with open arms and toothy grins.   Cobb’s students are always eager to reconnect with their favorite clown and try their hand at his tricks.   Throughout the week each of the school’s seven classes, from the toddlers to the upper elementary enjoy their time in clown class.  Wunderle’s interactive program allows children to test their skills and stretch their limits by putting everything from pogo sticks to devil sticks in the children’s hands.

Movement is an important element of the Montessori curriculum.  Circus Week at The Cobb School taps into this often-overlooked element of child development.  Today we understand how twenty-first century science is confirming what Dr. Montessori expressed 100 years ago: movement perfects learning.  Toss cooperation, community, self-control, and a sense of humor into the ring, and you have Circus Week.

To learn more about Circus Smirkus, visit www.smirkus.org.  And to learn more about Montessori or The Cobb School and its unique programs, call Sallie Ann Jacobs at 860-658-1144 and visit www.cobbschool.com


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