Galasso and East Granby

As Galasso's application before the inland wetlands commission is still being considered, it is imperative for residents of East Granby to understand what the facts are, and to show up at every meeting concerning the quarry as these decisions will impact all of East Granby. 
Currently, East Granby has no protection in place of our town's assets and liability as it relates to quarried land.  Galasso has no plan in place and no bonding in place to reclaim any land that has already been quarried, not to mention any plan or bonding even being talked about for their proposed expansion.
How can a town be so careless with its resources, both financial and environmental?
Bonding and a reclamation plan may sound like a "no brainer" but East Granby is moving ahead with no bonding or plan in place.
East Granby's government needs to be the responsible stewards of our environment as well as operating with fiscal responsibility to the town and taxpayers. Don't let Galasso move ahead with their financial gain at the risk of East Granby's financial and environmental future.
Gail Reiner January 12, 2014 at 02:47 PM
Post by Gail Reiner, EG resident.


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