Granby Memorial High School Football Team Ready To Give Back To The Community!

Granby Football Team has volunteered to help with yard clean up for family or individual in need.

The Granby Memorial High School Bears football team has contacted the Senior Center looking for a resident in need of help with fall yard clean up. What a great gesture!

The team is available this Saturday afternoon, Nov. 17. If you know a family or resident who due to age or other factors needs the help of some strong high school students and will be home on Saturday afternoon, call us at 860-844-5355. We will pass the information on to the coaches of the team.

Thank you to the Granby Bears football team for being a positive contributor to the Granby community!

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Karen November 14, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Jury, I believe you are misinformed -the 3.6 million for the "football field" is barely about football-the GMHS Bears-practice at Ahrens field and have all their home games there-the football team is 100% funded by the parents and football supporters-not one penny from the town or BOE-we were pleasantly surprised that we were included in the plans, but the plans allow us to play exactly 6 games per year on school turf-the rest of the time-all practices are still to be at Ahrens and the football team will still be 100% supported by parents and supporters-not one cent form the town! Parents PAY to bus their kids back and forth to practice at Ahrens. All the other sports at GMHS-lacrosse, soccer, field hockey will benefit from these new fields throughout their full season so please don't sneeringly call it a football field, this field has very little regard for the hardworking, dedicated, terrific student athletes who play football for the love of the sport, their team and their school-even though the "field" has little regard for them.
Bob B November 14, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Karen, first of all it seems that your response partially proves Jury's point. She/he stated that you already have enough space, and you confirmed that football has space at Ahrens. Secondly, I am a little taken aback by the tone of your response. You accuse Jury of "sneeringly" calling it a football field when your post virtually drips with contempt. Are you proud that the football team is self-funded or bitterly resentful? Is the football team looking forward to playing on the new field or not? It is really hard to tell. Honestly, if your view was representative of the entire football program, I would tell you to keep playing at Ahrens so you wouldn't have to play on a field that has so little regard for you.
AnneMarie Heller Cox November 15, 2012 at 03:03 AM
Honestly you are missing the point...kids in our town are working with adults to do positive things. Applaud this! Your issues with the cost of the new fields are off topic. It is important for our youth to feel valued by adults in our community (this is proven to be a factor in developing resiliency). Sidetracking this article into snarky debates about the high school improvements does not help our kids in any way. There are appropriate venues to discuss budget expenditures...but come on, not in an article highlighting kids doing good things!
Karen November 16, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Bob, You are correct. I am a little angry and disenchanted. Maybe I shouldn't voice my frustration here, but it just surprised me that the new fields were narrowed down to a football field when in fact they will benefit soccer, field hockey, lacrosse AND football. Jury was suggesting that the football field was not necessary as we already had one. This is true. However Jury needs to be aware of the horrendous shape of all the playing fields at Granby High and that is what necessitated new fields-not football. The fields as they are now are dangerous for the kids to play on. Ahrens is a very nice field and we enyoy playing on it. We are very excited to finally be joining all the other sports that get to play at the high school. We take that as a step towards including boys who play football for GMHS in the school spirit that exists for all the other sports. The whole point that I felt Jury was missing is that the fields were for ALL the sports-and not a funded football field. I apologize to Jury and to you, Bob, for seeming ungrateful. We with all of the other folks who love to watch their kids play sports await the brand new fields and the step up it will give to Granby High. Please accept my sincere apologies for sounding off. Please think about stopping at the Canton -GMHS football game on Thanksgiving at Canton High School. Football at its finest with some pretty awesome young men representing their schools. Happy Thanksgiving.
Jeffrey Sturgeon November 18, 2012 at 11:01 PM
Jury, although I believe in the 1st Ammendment, your comments are way out of bounds. To state that the town doesn't need, "A new 3.6 million dollar astro turffootball field bill is not a positive for Granby, I think this is a little over board and we have enough field space already for town needs," is an uneducated response. 1st off, it is not just a football field. It will allow the other sports such as, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey to play on this field. 2nd, we should applaud the scholar athletes who are out on their time helping those in need. To slap a negative comment about a football field is just ignorant. At some point we all pay taxes whether at the local, state or federal level for services we will never use, or qualify for. That is what being part of a community is all about. We should embrace any and all school functions whether they are athletic, schoolastic, or revelvant to the arts. Just imagine what the crime rate in this country would be without and type of funded after school program. When I was in high school during the 80's, my parents didn't have to pay for me or my three brothers to participate in any after school sport or function. Today, not only do the parents pay taxes they also have to pay for their children to participate in after school activities. That in and of itself is a shame. Jeff Sturgeon Assistant Footbal Coach Granby Memorial High School


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